1. What is BUNGKUS?

BUNGKUS is a marketplace for all food establishments that are either halal certified or 100% Muslim owned.

2. Why BUNGKUS started?

Bungkus started with the Muslim community in mind as well as from our love of food and the frustrations of not being able to order from our beloved restaurants as there were no islandwide delivery.

With our experience in islandwide delivery and in other fields, we hope to be able to breach the gap and satisfy your cravings!

3. Where does BUNGKUS deliver to?

We deliver almost to the entire part of Singapore (except Jurong Island/PSA ports/high security facilities) and yes, we deliver to Sentosa and Tuas South!

4. What hours do you deliver?

Our operations start from 930am to 930pm.

5. How are delivery fees calculated?

Delivery fees are calculated based on distance.  

6. Is there a minimum order?

We have a minimum order of $7. 

7. What are the payment methods?

We only accept payment via credit cards/debit cards.

8. What is happening to my order?

Kindly click on “Orders” and you will see the status of your orders.

9. Can I cancel my order or change my drop-off after ordering?

Unfortunately, no.

10. I have a vehicle/motorbike. Can I deliver with BUNGKUS?

Yes! Contact us at or +65 8181 8136 for more information.

11. How can I list my food establishment with BUNGKUS?

If you own/operate a halal certified establishment or 100% Muslim owned, we would love to have you on board. Contact us at or +65 8181 8136.

12. My questions are not found in the above list.

Feel free to contact us if you have any other queries

· Email:

· Phone: +65 8181 8136